5 Ways That Crafting Promotes Health and Wellbeing

5 Ways That Crafting Promotes Health and Wellbeing

Not only can crafting help lower your stress and get your mind off things, but there are also other health benefits attributed to crafting.

1) Improve your Mood

Whether you are by yourself, crafting with your significant other, or having a craft party, activating those creative juices can be a great mood enhancer. When you craft with other people, it can turn into a genuinely fun social affair. Even after you finish, the sense of pride you’ll have when people ask you about your piece can turn a frown upside-down.

2) Boost your Brainpower

The focus required while crafting is an effective way to exercise the brain for people of all ages. There have been many studies done that connect the reduced chances of mental deterioration over time with crafting. Also, crafting activates areas of the brain that are not as active during the routine work you may be used to.

3) Increase Social Activity & Communal Support

Crafting provides a unique social atmosphere where not only are you focusing on your craft, but you are connecting with the people you are crafting with. Crafting promotes natural conversation through the pieces you are creating and the questions and answers that come along with it. It is a unique date idea as well as a great activity to plan a party around.

4) Helps with Hand-Eye Coordination

Whether you are doing a large woodworking project or doing a delicate dream catcher, careful hand-eye coordination is required. For many of us who have office jobs, we don’t get to use out hands and make something as often as we would like, crafting gives us a way to use those hands for something else besides typing. We learn our hand-eye coordination early in life with crafting in kindergarten, now we can maintain our skills and dexterity throughout our lives with crafting.

5) Can Help Fight Aging

Whether it be mentally through the focus and brainpower that crafting requires or physically by the improvement in visual-spatial coordination crafting helps with, crafting can help turn back the clock. Also, the social element when crafting with other people can aid keeping your conversation and social skills at their highest levels.

All-in-all, crafting can help our moods, hand-eye coordination, social skills, and even brainpower.

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Greetings from your international roving reporter! Based in beautiful Cornwall UK, I am a freelance travel writer and published author of several travel books. As the wife of a Master Mariner, I have travelled extensively and lived in exotic locations all over the world including the Far East, Europe, Australia and the Republic of Panama. I would describe myself as having “endless itchy feet and an insatiable wanderlust”, as I continue to explore Europe, Florida and further afield, writing about my experiences with humour and attention to detail. BTW, I have a Diploma from the British College of Journalism and am a member of the International Travel Writers’ Alliance and the Gulf Coast Writers’ Association.
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1 Response to 5 Ways That Crafting Promotes Health and Wellbeing

  1. Julia Batten says:

    Wow Gill . Great article and I would concur with all you say. X Shame that I often think of brilliant ideas in the middle of the night then wake up in the morning forgetting half of what I had thought. I do not put the light on as that would disturb Dan. Dilemma. I know some people have pen and notepad beside the bed… fine if you live alone. See you soon. X


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